Waikato IT Recruitment

Tips for Job Hunters

A few tips that might help you in your pursuit of the IT job you know you deserve…


We have covered this in detail before so check out our blog and LinkedIn posts on this for more detail.  Overview: Take time to prepare for applications and interviews – it is probably the single most important and productive thing you can do.


Yes, we know that the process of registering can be a pain. It can be time consuming and frustrating but, for us to do a good job for you (by matching you to suitable jobs) and for our clients (by ensuring we provide them the most suitable candidates) there is a lot of information we need. And you have that information. Without it we can’t do the best job of representing you. So, as annoying as it is, our recommendation is to take a deep breath and get it done.


You know all the details about yourself (and if you have done the registration thing, now we do too) but what do you know about who (company and person) you are applying to and what do you know about the position you are applying for. Doing your research on this better equips you to answer questions and also arms you with valuable information. If you do a good job of this, you will also come up with good and relevant questions.

Tailor your CV and Cover Letter

What do you think happens if your application to Acme Ltd for a Systems Engineer role starts of being addressed to Smith & Co for a role of Project Manager. If you don’t know, let me spell it out: It’s a big fat NO – for that role and any other roles you might apply for in future. You MUST get this bit right. Further to that, tailor your CV and cover letter to match (as well as you can) the role and/or company you are applying for / to. Again, check out other blogs on this subject.