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Recruitment Industry – Good or Bad Rep?

Recently I discussed with a client, the poor reputation recruiters have in the market.  They expressed the sentiment that recruitment must be a difficult market to work in as their perception was, for the most part, all recruiters do is randomly spray CVs around hoping that something eventually sticks.

I was going for dignified and considered as a response but I think I came across as outraged and insulted. So much so that in their answer I was encouraged to “calm the farm, I’m not talking about you specifically”

We batted this about for some time and while I admitted that to a fair degree that does happen, my position was for the most part we operate with integrity. My indignation must still have been showing as my client also went on to explain that they found it confusing in that, on one occasion they had what was an impressive professional experience as a candidate with a recruiter (sadly, this wasn’t with me although I’d like to think that is the level at which I operate), the same organisation has not delivered the same level of professional performance when presenting candidates.

There is ample anecdotal evidence of less than ethical recruiter behaviour but still I maintain that, rogues and charlatans aside, the industry operates with integrity and in the best interests of clients and candidates and on the basis that “To charge a fee we must add value, how can we justify a fee if we don’t add value?”

So, what’s the view of clients and candidates on the recruitment industry?