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Interview Tip

Interview Tip (Tip, single, not Tips multiple!)

Only 2 months into 2018 and I feel the need to burden or brighten candidate worlds with one simple tip.  Yes, just one, for now…

There are so many things to consider around the interview process but, by a very big margin, the best, most important and productive tip is a single word: PREPARATION.

A lack of adequate preparation will almost certainly sink even the best candidates’ chances of securing a role.  On the other hand, good, solid and thorough preparation is the one single thing almost guaranteed to improve a candidate’s chances of nailing a job and creating a great reputation.

So if candidates want to make a good impression for the role they are applying for or even for future roles that may eventuate with that employer then what they absolutely MUST do is prepare.

Recently we have seen candidates that, on paper looked like an almost perfect fit for roles but once in interview it became apparent that they were not able to answer the questions, that we were obviously going to ask.  They had not prepared for the questions and had not even done research about the role and employer. The results were that they didn’t even make the short list and we now have questions about their ability to work in a structured and responsible manner.

Please, think about these things:

  1. What will the interviewer want to know about me relevant to this role and what questions might they ask? (and how might I answer?)
  2. What research can I do about this role and this organisation that would demonstrate I am serious and resourceful

I have two favourite one liners for candidates on interviewing:

  • It’s not the best candidate that gets the job, it is the best PREPARED candidate that gets the job.
  • Over-prepare then go with the flow.

Being prepared is such a simple thing but it’s power is much underestimated.  Take a look at our blogs for more info but I welcome your feedback, comments and questions.